Small clear PVC bag for travel Wholesale, Customized Small clear PVC bag for travel

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Small clear PVC bag for travel
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Wholesale Small clear PVC bag for travel Customized With Your Logo from China, Logo Personalized Printable Branded Imprinted work are welcome. Description:
Small clear PVC bag for travel, packs flat for full view of contents. Ideal for travel security clearance and easy access.
Material: PVC
Color: Clear
Size: 6 3/8" x 4" x 1 1/4"
his Small clear PVC bag for travel with pink piping is perfect for all displaying all your cosmetics and for your holiday needs.

Use our printed Small clear PVC bag for travel and frosted shopping bags to set your business apart. People will think twice before throwing away such a beautiful bag, and will remember your store for its beautiful packaging. Choose your favorite plastic shopping bags from our extensive selection and remind customers how much they loved your products!

As the largest printer and wholesaler, Small clear PVC bag for travel holds huge stocks so is able to meet short lead times. Our Small clear PVC bag for travel range has more than 75 standard pastel, crystal and pearlshine colours to co-ordinate with any corporate colour scheme, logo or event theme.

Making Advertising Small clear PVC bag for travel Easy to Use - Small clear PVC bag for travel is the our company best known wholesale supplier stocking essential accessories to ensure the success of every promotional event.
This involves 4 simple steps:

1. You send us the logo and packaging information, such as pictures or Illustrator files.
2. We will reply you with price, lead time, and the minimum order quantity (MOQ).
3. If you agree the quotation, we will send you a sample with the custom logo and packaging.
4. If you are satisfied with the sample, we will start processing your order.

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