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Solar Mobile Charger
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Wholesale Solar Mobile Charger Customized With Your Logo from China, Logo Personalized Printable Branded Imprinted work are welcome. Name:Solar Mobile and Mp4 player Charger
Specification:   60*15*4mm
Optimum power voltage: 5V
Optimum operating current: 200mA
Main function: Emergency charging
Configuration: Wallet solar mobile charger + 1 cable adapter + 5 mobile phone
charger adapter
Packing: Carton (as customer's request)
Usage: Solar chager is a new type environment-friendly charger using solar for
power supply.
If your mobile phone has no power, open the wallet and in direct sunshine, 2~4
hours are the period for a full charging.
Remarks: If the mobile phone has special stipilation, maybe charging will be failed.
This involves 4 simple steps:

1. You send us the logo and packaging information, such as pictures or Illustrator files.
2. We will reply you with price, lead time, and the minimum order quantity (MOQ).
3. If you agree the quotation, we will send you a sample with the custom logo and packaging.
4. If you are satisfied with the sample, we will start processing your order.

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4. You didn't describe your request in details thus we consider the inquiry not serious.
Prompt Reply Your Inquiry With 36 hours.
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