A new fat busting cosmetic procedure is proving a hit in Lincoln

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The rising popularity of non-surgery body-shaping treatments as used by celebrities has prompted a fast-growing Lincoln clinic to move to bigger premises.

Business is going so well for Body Lipo Lincoln, which opened at The Terrace just six months ago, that it will be relocating to above the White Stuff clothes store in the High Street by the end of November.

What’s this non-surgical alternative to lipo-suction all about?

Body Lipo Lincoln offers treatments under the 3D-lipo brand, which are available in more than 700 clinics nationally, and worldwide.

Such treatments claim to reduce body fat by destroying fat cells. Fat freezing permanently reduces small pockets of fat on problems areas like the lower tummy, hips or inner thighs by damaging fat cells with low temperatures during weekly sessions over eight weeks.

Some amazing treatments are available

Fat melting is used to nip in your waist or loose inches from your tummy or thighs. The technique turns fat cells into liquid due to pressure applied by low frequency ultrasound and is a one-off treatment in a specific area of the body that cannot be repeated within six months.

Dead cells and fluid from both techniques are processed via the liver.

Cellulite and skin tightening treatments using high intensity ultra sound are also available, which can take three months to fully show results.

How much does it cost?

Skin tightening costs from £75 per treatment and fat reduction starts from £100 per treatment but the number of treatments needed depends on each individual case.

What else is in store at the new premises?

Louise White and partner Marcus Hudson are converting the former 3,000 sq ft ex-beauty salon above the White Stuff into a wellbeing and aesthetics clinic.

There will also be an infra-red sauna pod where customers could burn up to 600 calories in half an hour.

Fitness instructor turned body aesthetics specialist Louise says that hundreds of clients are enjoying the benefits of the fat reduction treatments already offered.

The plan is to provide even more therapies, create jobs, run healthy-living workshops and host seminars with expert guest speakers.

Amy Childs is a big fan

Miss White, and an accredited and fully insured provider of 3D-lipo, uses non-invasive techniques that are popular with celebrities such as Amy Childs and Coleen Rooney.

She said: “I started out with one machine for focused fat and cellulite and I am keen to offer patients the ultimate in non-surgical face and body treatments, tailored to their individual needs.

“At the moment I’m a bit of a one-man band and at the new premises I would like to take on some staff.

“I feel that Lincoln should have the sorts of beauty treatments that you can get in other, bigger cities.

“Marcus and I are extremely excited about my new premises and I hope to be in by Christmas. Creating a centre, which will allow me to put the business on a wider, health, wellbeing and restorative beauty footing means I can also offer detoxing and other treatments.

“I am also planning to install an infra-red sauna pod in the new premises, which will offer calorie burning – up to 600 calories in half-an-hour – and detoxing at the same time.”

Marcus added: “Louise and I want to take Body Lipo Lincoln even further, by offering mental health awareness, nutrition and other workshops, and to host seminars where we can invite speakers to come in and share their knowledge and expertise.”

How safe is non-surgical body-shaping?

Bryan Mayou, consultant plastic surgeon at the Cadogan Clinic, in Chelsea, and a member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, said: “The biggest risk associated with fat melting and freezing treatments in disappointment when people expect more than can be achieved.

“And occasionally, in a very small number of cases, people can be left with an area of hard lumpiness or where fat increases after treatment.

“It’s just something people should know about – it should be on the consent form.

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“These treatments only remove small amounts of fat. It does not transform people and it’s not very good for fat people.

“If someone buys a machine they might try to use it for everything – if you have a hammer, everything is a nail.

“But some people may be better off having lipo-suction.”

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A new fat busting cosmetic procedure is proving a hit in Lincoln

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