Around the Diabetes Blogosphere: June 2014 Edition

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Summer has arrived, meaning the year’s already half over (wow!). And along with all the diabetes conference activity underway this summer, we’ve once again had the pleasure of reading some great blog posts from across the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) this past month.

In no particular order, here’s a smattering of our June faves:


Naturally, we have to begin with the big ADA conference in San Francisco this month — the largest diabetes meeting in the world — and the fact that, for the first time ever, a whole contingency from the DOC was on hand! Two posts in particular that are caught our eye are from Heather Gabel at Unexpected Blues and Chris Snider at A Consequence of Hypoglycemia, who both wrote about the history-making DOC session; along with a post by Christel Aprigliano at The Perfect D who was “Case Number Five” and got to see her own D-life weaved into an esteemed endo’s presentation. We also saw this one from D-Mom Meri Schumacher at Our Diabetic Life. Way to make an impact, D-peeps!

While we’re talking Chris Snider at the Scientific Sessions, not only was he working the halls and conference rooms in a red ADA shirt (as an ADA employee), but he also played Twitter-moderator for a dinnertime chat hosted by JnJ.

Also at ADA, many DOC advocates came together to talk D-stigmas, and there was a whole accompanying Twitter conversation happening in real-time. Chris wrote a blog post on that session, for those interested in learning more.

The national org of diabetes educators doesn’t hold its big annual meeting until August, but they’re heavily promoting some federal legislation and our fellow type 1 Jane Dickinson, who’s also a CDE, has a post on that advocacy effort at her blog, It’s All About Balance.

We hear a lot of inspirational stories in our Diabetes Community and in the bigger world of chronic conditions, but is there too much “inspiration” and not enough “real talk” going on? Health advocate Carly who blogs at ChroniCarly explores that question in her latest post. What do you think?

A huge  congrats to Meredith Pack, a type 1 blogger and cartoonist for us here at the ‘Mine, who’s expecting her first baby in December! Love the shirt, Mer! We’re very happy to hear the news, and can’t wait to see how you follow all the expecting-D-mom-bloggers who’ve written about their pregnancy and diabetes experiences.


We’re thrilled to see another PWD friend, Dayle Kern, jumping back into the diabetes blogosphere recently with her new blog, called Imperfect Pancreas. One of her first posts was the very interesting topic of how you “cross the lines” when it comes to non-D friends being diagnosed with diabetes. Great to have you back and hear your voice, Dayle!


Have you participated in a clinical study before? Well, if you’re curious what one may be like, here’s the inside scoop from type 1 blogger Stephen Shaul.


What religion are you? Oh, wait — we meant: what diabetes religion? Type 1 writer Alex O’Meara has a creative post over at A Sweet Life that talks about his belonging to The Church of Hypoglycemia. We got a kick out of his creative spin on this one!


There’s so much we really don’t know about the different types of diabetes, so how can we know for sure whether we belong in the T1 category when definitions aren’t clear — technically, socially, or cellular-ly? There’s a fascinating discussion going on over at D-Mom Katy Killilea’s blog, Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes, about prepping for the CWD Friends For Life conference and those beloved green bracelets that all PWDs get to wear.


While the online D-Community continues to grow, there’s still no substitute for meeting up in the Real World. Our friend Renza from Australia had a random “in the wild” meetup recently that she recalls at her blog, Diabetogenic.


Meanwhile, you might be a DOCaholic if… that’s what Scott at Rollin in the D has attempted to define. Do you fall into this category? Our team at the ‘Mine may or may not; we’ll let our blog and Twitter feeds be the judge! 🙂


Summer is also diabetes camp fun season, and our teen D-blogging friend Sarah at Insulin Pens Don’t Have Ink writes about her experience going to Camp Kudzu in Georgia. Click on over to hear more about everything from the “bug cabin” to boating while marveling at living alongside camp friends with diabetes.


What do you do if your diabetes doctor doesn’t seem to know about some D-basics?! That is a head-scratcher, but D-Mom Melissa Lombardo has some thoughts on that over at Insulin Nation.


Thanks to all for great works this month. We can’t wait to see what the DOC has in store for July, so please let us know if any particular D-blogs catch your eye!

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Around the Diabetes Blogosphere: June 2014 Edition

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