Atlantic Records Exposed For Cheating Producers Out Of Paychecks W

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Atlantic Records is catching some bad press this week. New reports claim the iconic record company has intentionally categorized albums as mixtapes to save serious bucks.

According to Wiz Khalifa producer E. Dan, Atlantic Records has recently made it a habit of packaging some projects as underground efforts for business-purposes.

“Yeah but I don’t know if they called it a mixtape exactly but they didn’t treat it like an album which is a way for not paying me a lot,” Dan said referring to working on a mixtape for rapper Snow Tha Product. “Thats happened on Wiz albums too. The Khalifa album, I don’t know if they called it a street album. They came up with some real clever name which essentially meant everyone involved, you’re going to get paid half of what you normally get paid. It’s a thing. I’ve seen it happen really more often the last few years. Anything to save a buck.” (Beat Stars)

.@WizKhalifa​’s producer E. Dan (@IdlabsMusic) explains how record labels avoid paying producers + how Wiz’ loyalty got him beat placements 💯

E. Dan has since issued a statement on the subject and the difference in producing mixtapes/albums.

“I was happy to get paid what I did for the project. While not ideal, half of my usual rate for working on a Wiz Khalifa album is still a much better rate than I would get from a developing or indie artist’s album. I knew what I was getting into before it was put together and was literally given the choice to take less because that’s what the budget allowed or I could personally shut the project down if I was unhappy about the compensation because frankly, this was an album of mostly B-sides that no one was sure they wanted to release anyway. In this case, I was happy that some of the older songs we’d done with Wiz were now going to be released, albeit in a format/structure that meant I wasn’t going to get my usual rate. So I agreed to play my part in the project at the lesser rate well before it was released and cashed the check with a smile on my face.” (DJ Booth)

“That said, I’m glad my few accomplishments in this industry are enough that I have a small platform to bring some of the issues that plague myself and other producers/mixers/engineers to light and I hope you all continue your mission of doing the same. It’s a complicated business and knowledge is key to success as with so many other endeavors. Ultimately, there’s a lot of people that have been treated far worse than I have in this industry and I’ve done a fairly good job of not letting myself get screwed over, even without having a proper manager all these years in. Relationships help. Knowing your worth helps even more. Being humble and hard working has perhaps helped me the most.” (DJ Booth)

The producer has also hit up social media to add more insight on the situation.

Just because an online publication makes it seem like I have an agenda doesn’t mean I do. I can mention something w/out it being registered as a complaint. There’s real issues that effect producers/engineers today and what labels are calling albums ain’t the biggest one

Labels can pay us whatever the fuck they want because unless we consistently give them big $ singles, there is a million other dudes to take our place. Call it whatever you want but it’s the truth. I stand by my words but be wary of click bait titles and lack of context

But I don’t agree with that. It’s after market. Nobody owes anybody shit. If you don’t have value, that’s your fault. Work harder

The internet is stupid lol. Swear I could never be a politician and/or famous. You can’t say shit without someone putting whatever spin they want on it. Stay informed guys, but don’t take everything at face value. Theres always more to the story

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Atlantic Records Exposed For Cheating Producers Out Of Paychecks W

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