Help Yourself by Identifying PCOS Symptoms And Complications Before it Takes You to Infertility

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Help Yourself by Identifying PCOS Symptoms And Complications Before it Takes You to Infertility

Feeling down when comes with hopelessness and despair, your brain becomes dysfunctional. You are not present at your present place, you show inability to move resulting overweight body. This cycle just not halt here, being overweight takes you to whole another world of diseases: diabetes, irregular cycle, etc. All these symptoms together indicates a term PCOS which is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

As the name suggests it is related to ovary which implies link with women, PCOS is a complication where women’s hormones shows imbalance. PCOS complication mainly leads to infertility. PCOS could occur at any age to a woman. So, it is crucial for a woman to have knowledge about it. We need to first focus on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Symptoms which are:

  • Irregular Cycles. PCOS affected woman will suffer from irregular period cycles which is a major sign to look after. Women with PCOS got the extra male hormones which apparently makes ovaries unable to produce enough progesterone.
  • Hair Growth. If you are a woman, and start noticing a sudden hair growth on chin, upper lip or other places which are not supposed to have hair growth, certainly this is PCOS!
  • Infertility Problems. PCOS is considered the key attribute towards the trouble of infertility where you face problem while getting pregnant.
  • Diabetes. PCOS related another symptom is diabetes, which is linked mostly due to the insulin resistance where human cells become ineffective to make most of insulin leading to high blood sugar.
  • Weight Gain. You may have gained some undesired pounds unexpectedly. This symptom could be an indication towards PCOS especially if it’s taking a lot of effort to lose that extra pound.

If you are facing most of the PCOS symptom mentioned above, definitely it’s time to have checkup with your doctor otherwise you may find yourself in the middle of following PCOS complications:

  • Endometrial Cancer. Women going through PCOS are more vulnerable to endometrial cancer. When a woman starts to suffer from fewer periods she is at higher risk to develop endometrial cancer. During a normal period, endometrium comes into contact with hormones like estrogen which is why the lining gets thick. When ovulation doesn’t happen, the lining doesn’t get off and gets exposed to estrogen which becomes reason for endometrium to develop more thicker.
  • Heart Disease. A woman suffering from PCOS is more expected to have heart-related complications. This all is a result of high insulin levels which are linked to PCOS and raise the risk of blood pressure, high triglycerides, atherosclerosis and inflammatory markers.
  • Metabolic Syndrome. Metabolic Syndrome raises possibility for cardiovascular disease. Some of the most common changes are high B.P., fasting blood sugar, triglycerides and increased abdominal weight.

If you are a victim of PCOS complications, unquestionably tie up with a better lifestyle which you could do by maintaining healthy body weight.

As soon as you seek PCOS symptoms, first and foremost attain a healthy body weight as most of the women find with PCOS complications are obese or overweight. Weight loss is a no big deal which could easily be attained with strong will and determination. Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet. Another tip is to get proper checkup with doctor. Yes, if you are already going through Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome infertility you are at higher risk for endometrial cancer. Regular pelvic examination with your gynecologist helps you identify endometrial cancer and which creates further need for proper treatment and medications. So, take good care of yourself and take prevention before PCOS symptoms occur.

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Help Yourself by Identifying PCOS Symptoms And Complications Before it Takes You to Infertility

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