Top 10 Best Laptop Cooling Pads in 2018 Reviews

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Does your laptop have a problem of overheating after a prolonged use? You need not worry as this a common problem in laptops. The advancement in laptop technology has seen a transition from cumbersome to sleeker and smaller laptops. In order to run new software, laptops must have a higher processing power, and the more the processing power, the more likely a laptop heats. The good news is that; this problem can be solved by choosing one of these best laptop cooling pads in this list.

Do you really need a laptop cooling pad?

My answer to this question is a big YES. A laptop performance is affected by heat; the higher the temperature, the lower the performance. Frequent overheating of a laptop can even lead to a permanent damage to important components such as the hard disk.
Placing your laptop on a soft surface such as a couch or bed increases it temperature but who does go with a laptop to bed? This problem can be solved by getting a laptop cooling pad that increases the airflow to the laptops crucial components thus keeping it cool. I have been using a cooling pad for a year now, my favorite football game FIFA 16 without a problem.

What factors should you consider?

The best laptop cooling pads give you additional functionality other than its primary function of just keeping your laptop cool. The best laptop cooling pad should make your laptop easier to use without adding to much package to your slim laptop. Laptop cooling pads comes in different sizes, designs and styles each with its unique features.
You should keep in mind the following factors when buying a laptop cooling pad:

  1. Noise Generated by Fans- you wouldn’t want to buy a cooler that produces more noise than a chopper! It is a distraction especially when you are involved in an activity that requires your full consideration. Most models of cooling pads have tolerable noise but it good to get one with least noise.
  2. Cooling capacity- this is the amount of air that the cooling pad is capable of circulating per minute. It is measured in CFM (cubic per minute). You should select a cooling pad that have fans that have a higher cooling capacity as they are more efficient and powerful.
  3. Number and location of fans- The number of fans can determine the performance of laptop cooling pad. If the location of the fans is placed near your laptop’s heating points, the better it is.
  4. Design of cooling pads- different designs are suitable for different situations; for frequent travelers, a portable pad is preferable and if you like using your laptop in bed on lap, then a pad with raised fans and rounded edges, is a great choice. For a laptop used on a desk, a cooling pad with adjustable height is a great choice.

Based on the factors above, we sought out to find the Top 10 Best Cooling Pads in 2018 Review. We looked at the cost, performance and portability apart from the above factors. The cooling pads are:

10.HAVIT HV-F2056

Havit HV-F2056 is an awesome laptop cooling pad. It efficiently dissipates heat that is generated while the laptop is running. This cooling pad is extremely portable. It is of considerate thickness yet lightweight. Depending on this, this product is perfect for travelling. Has got dual adjustable heights sets to ensure maximum performance as per the chosen height. It features metal mesh that protect your laptop from wear and tear, additionally, this mesh gives steady support to the laptop. Presence of 3 large fans that provides sufficient air flow for cooling.


  •  It is equipped with dual USB ports.
  •  Noise-free fans
  •  Has got mesh metals for protection.


  •  The cooling pad is not 100 percent efficient.
  •  Quite expensive.

9.Thermaltake Massive TM Cooling Pad

This cooling pad is combines its functionality and cosmetic aspect design that’s is why most users have reviewed the product positively. It is equipped efficient rotating fans for cooling your laptop. Has got temperature sensors that automatically sets the fan on when temperatures rise. The product is very thin thus very portable. Furthermore, it is lightweight due to aluminum material that is used to construct it. Has got display panel that allows monitoring of vital parameter such as pressure and temperature of the laptop.


  •  Heat dissipation is automatically controlled when fans are power on.
  •  Automatic multi temperature sensors.


  •  Inadequate mechanism for controlling the intensity of cooling.

8. Pwr+ portable cooling Pad

Pwr+ portable cooling Pad has got wonderful functional features. This features include noise free fans that very efficient delivering maximum performance while consuming little energy. It can be folded and packed in a travel bag to be used outdoor. Has got casters featuring automatic locking joints that rotates at an angle of 360 degrees. This ensures stability everywhere thus perfect to be used prior consideration of the terrain of the area. It is very versatile since its surface can be improvised as a breakfast tray, standing deck and tablet holder.


  •  Lightweight.
  •  Noise-free fans.
  •  Full guaranteed warranty.
  •  It is easy to assemble.


  •  It does not work well in humid climatic conditions.

7.Targus Lap Chill Mat

Has got multi-purpose wedge design that makes compatible with various models of laptops. It can also be used to ensure circulation of air in our residential rooms. Its neoprene covering offers soft grip ensuring considerate comfort. Presence of dual fans eliminates generated heat faster lengthening the lifespan of your laptop.


  • Unique design platform makes ideal for any surface.
  •  One in all wedge design.
  •  Has got one-year warranty from the time of purchase.


  • Has no Extra USB ports.
  • It is not powerful when compared to other cooling pads.

6.AVANTEK with Blue LED Fans

This cooling pad features a dual LED fans that rotates quietly driving air in and out steadily. This fans are large enough to increase the surface are for heat dissipation. Its metal mesh improves the air from by considerate percentage. This metal mesh offers great stability for the laptop. The product features additional USB ports for additional connections. Has got various height adjustment for your laptop as desired by the user.


  •  Durable and lightweight.
  •  Its ultra slim nature makes it portable.


  •  the cooling fan is not readily available in the market due to its high demand.

5.Zalman NC1000 Laptop Cooling Pad

It is constructed using strong quality materials such as aluminum. The choice of material used makes it comfortable durable and lightweight. Its unique design is very attractive. The cooling pad is compatible with different types of laptops. Additional USB ports are in built to improves its cooling performance. It is equipped with high speed fans.


  •  Aluminum shell improves its appearance
  •  It is of high quality
  •  Durable.
  •  Adjustable height settings.


  •  Equipped fans are underpowered.
  •  Insufficient cooling power.

4. HAVIT HV-F2033

This cooling laptop is designed to suit the small-screen laptops. It can be used both at home and in the office due to extra slim nature. Due to its compactness, it easily fits in the suitcase to be used outdoors. Its surface is perforated to ensure free flow of air and out. Motor driven fans are including that push air faster boosting cooling of your laptop. These fans operate quietly. The cooling pad is v-shaped holding your laptop steadfast.


  •  Slim design and light weight.
  •  Non-slip surface design.
  •  Its durable.


  •  Insufficient cooling performance.
  •  Expensive.

3.Cooler Master R9-NBC-XSLI-GP Cooling Pad

This cooling pad is very slim, lightweight and durable. It includes quite operating fans that helps dissipate generated heat while laptop is in operation. This fans circulates air at speed of 70 CFM. Has got perforated mesh surface that felicitates providing a chill environment for proper operation for the laptop. This cooling pad is powered by USB connector.


  • It is extra slim.
  • Efficient cooling system.
  • Affordable.
  • Dual height adjustments ensure maximum comfortable.


  •  Moderately slow operating fan.

2.Belkin CoolSpot Anywhere Laptop Cooling Pad

This laptop cooling pad is perfect choice for getting rid of excess heat that is generated by your laptop. Excess overheating reduces the durability of your laptop. The product has got display panels. Its cooling performance and the price harmonize. It can also be used to cool notebooks. Has various vents that that improves performance by allowing continuous flow of air. Air flows in and out in wave-like that ensure quite cooling. It has a one-year warranty.


  •  Vents ensures uninterrupted airflow.
  •  It is cheap.
  •  Powerful cooling fans.


  •  Fans delivers less cooling performance.

1.Gear Head CFS8800BLK Laptop Cooling Wedge

This cooling pad not only cools your laptop but also extends it life span and functionality. It has softer finish that protects your laptop from wear and tear. The height can be adjusted to suit the user. The fan operates silently providing enough cooling. It is light in weight thus portable. It is constructed from strong polymers ensure compact foundation.


  • Included neoprene casing improves it cooling.
  • 2. It is multipurpose.


  •  Absence of USB ports.
  •  It is not rich with features in comparison with other similar products.

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Top 10 Best Laptop Cooling Pads in 2018 Reviews

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